This was a self-initiated project to make hitchhiking popular again with young people.


A logo, hitchhiking sign, app concept, and simple poster campaign.

At the heart of why most people don’t hitchhike is fear. Fear of drivers, and from the drivers perspective, fear of hitchhikers.

I sought to address this in two ways-

Distributing a physical board with a reputation: in order to receive one, you must first produce a valid Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check. That way, risk to drivers is lowered, and they will feel safer participating.

Security options on the app- gps tracking allows others to check where the hitchhiker is, and allows for a distress signal to be sent by the hitchhiker.


The logo is bright and fun to appeal to an adventurous audience.


The shapes of the logo reflect the shape of the board, curved and friendly.


The board was designed to be highly visible and recognisable from the road. Easy to stow away quickly in a rucksack. It functions as a whiteboard, for writing the desired destination.



App concept screens. The main function of the app allows the user to search their local area for the best points to hitch from, or recommend places themselves by adding markers.


simple campaign poster concept.

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